Understanding HVAC and AC Systems

June 25, 2019

At Your Service Professional Heating & Cooling, we believe it’s important that the people of Raleigh understand the differences between an HVAC system and an air conditioner. The terms are often used interchangeably, but this is inaccurate. It’s helpful to differentiate them. Being educated about the heating and cooling system in your building can allow you to make informed decisions regarding various aspects of it.

Commonly Used Acronyms

The first step is learning what the acronyms stand for. HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation and air conditioning” while AC just stands for “air conditioning.” In other words, AC is simply one part of an HVAC system. A complete HVAC system would contain a heating unit as well.

Types of HVAC Systems

As just mentioned, a complete HVAC system includes components for both heating and cooling the air. This can be accomplished with a heat pump that has the ability to do both. These systems are great for people who live in milder climates. Other HVAC systems have separate heating and cooling units to deal with more extreme temperatures. The heat might be produced by a furnace or a boiler.

Types of AC Units

There are various types of AC units. A central AC unit will simultaneously provide cool air to all the rooms in a home through a system of ducts. A ductless mini split system provides cool air to individual rooms or areas. This can be particularly useful in certain buildings. Your other option for an air conditioner is a window unit. These units are only suitable for cooling down a single room. Choosing the right AC system can help you save money on your summer energy bills.

Trusted Heating and Cooling Professionals

At Your Service Professional Heating & Cooling, we’re prepared to assist with any HVAC or AC system you have in your Raleigh home. We have NATE-certified technicians who are highly trained. We can repair, install, and maintain any type of heating or cooling system. You can also rely on us for all your plumbing needs. To learn more about the various services we offer, call us at Your Service Professional Heating & Cooling today.

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