What To Do If My Furnace Keeps Running

November 11, 2019

A perpetually running furnace isn’t a good thing when you want it off. Nor is it enjoyable when the temperature keeps running at a far higher level than preferred. In many ways, a furnace that won’t stop running can be worse than one that always shuts off. To get things back on track, let’s look at some reasons as to why this can occur.

The Filter Is Dirty

Changing out the filter might be the easiest maintenance step to take, but homeowners often overlook the importance of doing so. As a result, a dirty filter remains in place, doing nothing more than causing ripple-effect problems.

One problem involves the furnace overheating due to an automated safety function that shuts down the burners but runs the fan. It does so to prevent the heat exchanger from cracking. The fan then circulates air to cool things down, so it seems like the furnace is “running,” but it’s only the fan.

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The Thermostat Setting Is Off

There is another reason as to why the fan might be running with the burner off. If the thermostat setting displays “ON” instead of “AUTO,” the fan will run without the burner. Again, you may think the furnace is running, but it’s only the fan. A quick adjustment to the thermostat can get things back to normal.

Changes to the Setting

Your furnace problem might not be a problem at all. Someone may be changing the thermostat setting. Double-check the thermostat to see if someone engaged it. If so, then the problem isn’t the furnace. The issue is that people in the home don’t agree on thermostat settings.

A specific setting could cause the heater to chase too high of a heat level, causing the system to run and run because it can’t exceed the thermostat’s setting. Eighty-five degrees, for example, might be a tall order.

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