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Your air conditioning system is vital in your home’s comfort level and indoor air quality.

Air conditioning is one of the key aspects of an HVAC system, maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere while removing excess humidity from the air in your home. The air in the home moves through the ductwork, where it enters the indoor portion of the cooling system. This unit contains a fan that aids in air circulation, while the outdoor unit of a central air conditioning system contains refrigerant. The refrigerant removes heat from the air, which is then moved back into the house via a large fan. At that point, the cycle begins again, recirculating air throughout the home as long as the system is operating.

Air Conditioning in Zebulon, North Carolina

The climate in Zebulon, North Carolina includes warm temperatures and high humidity levels throughout much of the summer season. When the moisture levels in the air start to rise, your home may feel uncomfortable and muggy. An air conditioning system also helps to remove excess moisture from the indoor air, providing a more comfortable living space. Too much moisture is also linked to mold growth, which can create a health hazard for your family. Your air conditioning system is vital in your home’s comfort level and indoor air quality.

At Your Service Professional, we work closely with local clients to provide a wide range of air conditioning services. We can diagnose and repair issues on all makes and models, as well as perform maintenance. Our technicians are also available to install new and replacement systems to ensure efficient, even cooling. For high-quality air conditioning service, trust our team of certified professionals.

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